iSPRESSO Shopping List

I assume you have certain tools such as hammer, screwdrivers, scissors. Other more specialized items are listed in the iSPRESSO Tools category below. Also for setting up the Pi you will need a USB keyboard, an HDMI cable and a monitor with HDMI input.

NOTE:  The iSPRESSO software assumes a certain choice of components.  For example, the hostapd executable I describe will work only if you have EDIMAX or compatible (RealTek) Wifi.  Also, the software used to control the LCD might not work if you get a different device from what’s in my shopping list below (SAINSMART I2C).

Also — Don’t skimp on the hole saw and the drill bits.  Get good quality tools, such as those I’ve identified below — you are cutting into high quality, dense, stainless steel.  A cheap hole saw from the local store will just give you fits and make a mess of your nice coffee machine.

Please Note:  The shopping list was an Amazon “A-Store”, a feature which Amazon has retired.  Unfortunately my shopping list is no longer available because of this.