DIY – Software

Note:  These instructions have been updated for Raspbian 2015-02-16.

Download Raspbian and write image to disk.  Raspberry Pi site has instructions.

To complete the following steps you will need a keyboard and monitor attached to the Pi.  Log in using pi : raspberry and set up wifi.  At that point you can continue using the keyboard / monitor, or you can SSH to the machine.


  • Use raspi-config to set locale, time zone, and keyboard layout (default is UK).  I use en-US UTF-8 and Generic 104 key keyboard.
  • Set the hostname to ‘ispresso’ using raspi-config | advanced settings.
  • IMPORTANT – in Advanced Settings, enable I2C and set it to load at boot time.

Get Wireless up and running:

Edit your interfaces file (sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces), remove what’s there, and add:

auto lo

iface lo inet loopback

iface eth0 inet dhcp

allow-hotplug wlan0

auto wlan0

iface wlan0 inet dhcp

  wpa-ssid "ssid"       # put your SSID here – case sensitive

  wpa-psk "password"    # put your wifi password here

Restart wireless so it picks up the settings, and joins your wireless network:

sudo ifdown wlan0

sudo ifup wlan0

Downloading iSPRESSO code from GIT

sudo mkdir /var/www

cd /var/www

# the trailing dot below is important

sudo git clone .

Run the installer:

cd /var/www/setup

sudo ./

From here the install script should do everything else.  If you see any errors, please take note of the entire text for troubleshooting.

Reboot when you are finished, and iSPRESSO will start automatically.

sudo reboot

Finding your iSPRESSO on your local network (from a system with Bonjour / Avahi / Zeroconfig installed):

From Linux (with avahi client installed) or from OSX, this name resolution should work fine.  From windows you either need Bonjour client, or you will have to find out what IP address was provided (DHCP) to your Pi – you can do this from Pi itself or from your wifi router.  Then you can use that IP to connect to iSPRESSO (  for example).  I think Bonjour is installed on a Windows machine that has iTunes, but I’ve not verified this personally.  The instructions below assume that you have Bonjour / Avahi / Zerconfig installed.

Getting iSPRESSO set up on your local network:

  • Start up your iSPRESSO.  After it boots you should see the display read “Access Point”.  This means that it is not able to join your WiFi network, so it has started in AP mode, using the SSID “ispresso”.
  • Configure your device (computer / tablet etc) to join the “ispresso” WiFi network.  You will not be able to access the internet through “ispresso” access point.  When your device tries to join “ispresso” WiFi network, you will need to enter a password.  Default password is “DarkRoast”.
  • Navigate to  http://ispresso.local/setup 
  • Select your desired wifi network from the list presented.
  • Enter your WiFi password, and click the submit button.  iSPRESSO will reconfigure its network connectivity to join your selected WiFi network.
  • Disconnect from “ispresso” WiFi network and rejoin your desired WiFi network.  
  • Navigate to http://ispresso.local/  – configure the device as desired.

First Use

The Power switch (top middle) and the Coffee switch (top left) should both be enabled (on).

The bottom switch (steam mode) can still be used to manually heat the boiler for using steam wand.

The middle switch (flow) is only used in steam mode, to manually operate the pump for using steam wand.